Hotel Humboldt

Humboldt Hotel

The Humboldt Hotel is a time capsule that leads us straight to the fifties. The Hotel is an island in an overwhelming green forest, a lighthouse that can be seen from almost any corner of Caracas; a tribute to the light of the Tropic. It is also a place for rest and fun, where history and technology mix to offer a high-level experience at over 7,218 feet above sea level.

This Hotel, with ample spaces, is probably the most famous work of Venezuelan Architect Tomás Sanabria (1922 – 2008). Together with Engineers Gustavo Larrazábal and Oscar Urreiztieta, they got to build and operate the Hotel in 199 days, just one day before the deadline agreed!

The result is a cylindrical tower with 70 rooms and a bar with 360 degrees panoramic view attached to a lower structure with social, entertainment and service areas, placed under a series of vaults and prism structures.

Come and stay at our suites

Humboldt Hotel Suites are 147 feet, with full height windows with view to the Caribbean Sea, the mountain or the city.

Enjoy dinner at the main dining room

A food experience combining the best of French cuisine with modern techniques and Venezuelan flavors.

Visit our heated pool

With its terrace facing to the Caribbean Sea, a snack bar, sauna changing rooms, and massage cabins and spa.

La Boîte

With its green leather seats and rotating dance floor, La Boîte became a landmark of Caracas´ nighlife during the fifties.

Weddings, social and corporate events

Spaces designed for weddings, social and corporate events.

Come visit us

Guided visits are led by professional guides who will tell you about the history, architecture and other details of Humboldt Hotel.