Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this Website are specified hereinafter. These terms and conditions describe the rights and duties of all users (whether individuals, corporations or groups), and those corresponding HotelHumboldtve.com in relation to all services offered by Hotel Humboldt, C.A. (“the hotel”).

Should you have any questions on our terms and conditions, please send us an e-mail at info@otheve.com.

The Parties

These terms and conditions are applied to Operadora Turística Humboldt 1956, C.A. a company domiciled and incorporated under the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, under the authority of the State of Miranda, Caracas, and whoever utilizes this Website (“the client”).

Use of the Website

The client is only allowed to use the Website to make consultations or to ask for legitimate reservations and binds hereby not to make any speculative, false or fraudulent reservations or any reservation in anticipation of demand of HotelHumboldtve.com Services. Likewise, the client binds to provide its correct and precise postal address, e-mail address or contact information, and acknowledges that HotelHumboldtve.com may use these data to keep in touch with the client, if necessary.

The client may not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sale, resale or operate in any form whatsoever this site for commercial use without the prior written consent obtained from us. We can refuse rendering the service, interrupt access or cancel any transaction, at our sole discretion.

The client is responsible for the information or the content submitted and the client hereby authorizes us to use such content in a form which is consistent with our privacy and safety policy. The client must not post or transmit in this site any type of material the content of which is considered illegal, defamatory, or profane. The client is not authorized hereby to modify or limit any function herein.

Reservations Request

A reservation will only be a legitimate and binding once the client has entered all necessary data in the corresponding Webpage and has received a reservation confirmation e-mail from our info@othve.com account.

Operadora Turística Humboldt 1956, C.A., may modify the price and availability of the rooms specified in this site without prior notice.

Cancellations and Changes

Confirmed reservations cancellations and changes in the hotel are subject to the following condition: The first night’s stay will be charged in case of cancellation. 

Exception: In case a reservation is cancelled 48 hours or less before check-in time, the total non-refundable fee will be charged.

One Night Reservation – If you have booked one night only, there is still a one night cancellation penalty, and therefore, it cannot be refunded in total.  

Reservation cancellation of various rooms – In case of one night´s cancellation penalty, this will be applied for each room booked.

Stars Rating and Hotel Quality Stay

The client understands and accepts that the hotel is a five stars Hotel according the laws and regulations of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Information Precision

HotelHumboldtve.com and the providers thereof have taken reasonable measures to ensure the content of the Website herein is precise. HotelHumboldtve.com publishes this information in good faith. 

Use of Client’s Contact Information

The client agrees and consents that HotelHumboldtve.com might use the client´s contact information (i.e., the client’s e-mail address, postal address or other contact information) to be in touch with the client in case there is a problem with the reservation and any other information related with the promotion and marketing of Operadora Turística Humboldt 1956, C.A.


 The client accepts, at its own expense, to hold and save harmless and defend our directors, employees, agents, affiliates, distributors and license holders and to consider us non-liable for loss, deficiencies, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including expenses and fees derived from legal services rendered by lawyers) made in relation to any sort of claim, demand, legal suit or procedure produced as a result of the non-fulfillment of terms of use herein or in relation with the use the client has made to this Website or any other product or service related with this Website.

Limitation of Liability

The client waives to claim Operadora Turística Humboldt 1957, C.A.  against all kind of liability for direct, indirect damages or consequences which might be derived from the supply and use of the services and information or from hiring, purchasing and using the products.  


The client recognizes that the copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights included and in relation with this Website, and with other services of the hotel system are the sole property of and have been granted under license to Operadora Turística Humboldt 1957, C.A.  The reproduction, sale, transfer or modification of the content or the data included in the Website without the prior written consent of Operadora Turística Humboldt 1957, C.A. is prohibited hereby. Likewise, the client is not authorized to modify, duplicate, exhibit, copy, reproduce, grant though license, publish, transfer or sale information, software, products or services obtained at the Website, without the prior written consent of Operadora Turística Humboldt 1957, C.A. . In addition, the client recognizes that it must not use any of the intellectual property rights or services of Operadora Turística Humboldt 1957, C.A. , except where necessary to make an advance booking under the terms and conditions specified herein.

Modification of the Terms and Conditions Herein

Operadora Turística Humboldt 1957, C.A. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions herein at any moment. Price updates will be in force 2 days after they have been displayed at HotelHumboldt.com Website, without affecting the contracts entered prior to that date. This agreement cannot be modified in any manner whatsoever without previous consultation with HotelHumboldtve.com.

Force Majeure

If on grounds of force majeure, HotelHumboldtve.com must to limit, modify or cancel a reservation, the client will not be entitle to claim compensation for any loss resulting from said limitation, modification or cancelation. The term “Force Majeure” includes, but is not limited to, natural disasters, fires or any other destruction of any booked room, civil insurrection, riots, war or disturbances, any exercise of a legislative, municipal, military authority or of any other kind, strikes or any other reason out of the control of Operadora Turística Humboldt 1957, C.A.

Total Agreement

These terms contain the total agreement between Operadora Turística Humboldt 1957, C.A. and the client, and replace any other previous contract or agreement (whether oral or in writing) on that matter, and may not be changed or modified provided it is previously agreed in writing by Operadora Turística Humboldt 1957, C.A.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Venezuela and will be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, at the State of Miranda.